Valerieann Giovanni

Valerieann believes we all have an ignitable fire within us, a passion or reason for being here. She delights in helping others light theirs and keep it ablaze. She believes you can realize your dreams and is passionate about creating ways to help you achieve that. Valerieann has been teaching art and self help classes for over 30 years and 20 of those years have included using and teaching about essential oils. She is an Artist, Author, Mentor, Certified Master Rapid Eye Technician, Life Skills Coach, Dream Interpretation Expert and Mother of 6.
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"Be You"

Who we are is way more than meets the eye. The physical form is but a hint of our True Self. This painting opens the door to being you in all your brilliance in this world. Every time you view this painting, more will be revealed to you, about you, empowering you to express your radiant greatness... Watch Time Lapse Video
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This painting invites you to expand your awareness of who you are. Expansion happens inwardly and outwardly as you spend time with this piece. As you increase your self awareness, your consciousness is expanded.
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