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Cashing in on the “Simple Magic” of Color
Cashing in on the “Simple Magic” of Color

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Learn the meaning of color and how to use it…

  • Make more money…
  • Increase your energy…
  • Quicken your healing…
  • Improve your business…
  • Attract the things you desire…

Use the “Simple Magic” of Color to activate your personal journey to wholeness!


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“The World Of Mirrors”
“The World Of Mirrors”

Valerieann has been fascinated by her dreams since she was 4 years old. This led her to eventually focus nine years of her life researching dreams. The insights she received inspired her to write “The World of Mirrors” in which she shares an approach to dream interpretation that empowers people in knowing how to interpret their own dreams accurately. This book is authored under her previous name; Valerieann J. Skinner.

It also includes steps for finding the answers you seek virtually everywhere you look. “The World Within is the World We’re In . . . Discover how to see your world in a way that will transform your life.

The magical mirrors you will learn to use are:

  • Your Body
  • Your Words
  • Your Daily Life
  • Your Surroundings
  • World Events

Also included are simple steps for understanding one of the most dynamic mirrors…your Dreams.  Learn how to:

  • Remember Your Dreams
  • Interpret Your Dreams
  • Interpret Colors in Your Dreams
  • Interpret “any” symbol


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“Tulip Goddess”
“Tulip Goddess”

Size: 24″ x 30″

Type: Original Oil on Canvas

About This Painting:

This Tulip has a message for you. “Each moment is new, there has never been anything like it. Begin right not to receive the gift in the present.”

Ask your self . . .

Do I take the time to Be,
The time to really truly see,
Looking deep within the mysteries
Of the world surrounding me?

Seems a pity not to do so,
Every moment, every hour,
For the joys of life are planted
In every tree and every flower.

© Valerieann Giovanni

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Size: 24″ x 30″

Type: Original Oil on Canvas

About This Painting: An image for the person desiring to quicken their journey to the next level and keep going. A specific vibration for ascension. Hang it on a wall where you will walk by it every day, allowing the vibrations to keep you moving steadfastly in that direction.

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“A New Beginning”
“A New Beginning”

About This Painting: New life is forever spiraling into existence from source, looking for fertile ground upon which to land. What is that “thing” wanting your attention?…the thing you know you need to do? It's time. Begin. This painting supports that new beginning and all that will spiral out from it.

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