"do what they want, 

when they want" 

so they can make an impact

doing what they love!

By allowing your heart and soul the freedom to express,
you can create your life . . . any
damn way you want!


Intuitive painting transports you out of the clutter in your head into the creativity of your heart, so your authentic voice can be heard and expressed playfully.


Painting outside the lines (or better yet, drawing the lines where you want them), empowers you to do the things you’ve wished you could do.


Playing with paint teaches you to spontaneously do what you really want without worrying about being judged, so you can feel fully alive.

Learn how to PLAY WITH PAINT and

EMPOWER YOURSELF with more of what YOU want!

If you've never painted before, or want to take your painting to the next level, I'll teach you how to play with pencil and paint and empower yourself at the same time.

I'm passionate about helping you free your soul, unblock your creative voice, and create space for your dreams to drop in!


In my "Quick Start Guide to Intuitive Painting," you'll learn the core of tapping into your intuition in less than 7 minutes without using paint

Let's Play. It's FREE!  


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About Valerieann

As an award winning artist who dedicated years to mastering realism, I thought I'd “finally arrived” as an accomplished artist.

I was wrong! In 1989 I’d just spent my "typically large amount of time and dedication" painting a finely detailed portrait of my Dad’s Percheron stallion.

Upon its completion, my love for painting went from exhilarating to exhausting as I was struck with the thought, “it would have been easier to just take a photo of the horse and hang it on the wall.” 

As I looked at that painting, I was surprised by the realization that I would rather quit painting than keep working so hard to create the illusion of realism. It no longer mattered that people loved purchasing these paintings.

There just HAD to be more to painting. I yearned to recapture the effortless flow and authentic expression I'd known as a kid.

And then the impossible happened!

In 1991, my inner artist was awakened when an artist from Germany introduced me to painting what I couldn't see!  This opened the door for me to explore painting feelings, energy and the world within. The old way of creating art fell away as new ways emerged.

Playfully I dove into the paint, consumed by its buttery texture. I began stumbling into each new canvas with no preconceived idea as to what I was going to paint.

Images magically appeared on canvases from a source deep within. Other dimensions were unveiled, unleashing a language that spoke from my soul. 

This place of childlike wonder is where I paint from today.

Painting Intuitively celebrates and enlivens my soul.  In Fact . . . it frees me in all areas of my life.

I invite you to join me
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