Discover the Power of Intuitive Painting!

Are you frustrated because you're not living up to your full creative potential . . .
  • you question your intuition
  • taking time for yourself is at the bottom of your to-do list
  • you'd love to play with some paint (or just play, period), but don't know how

You need some solid support to make yourself a priority so you can create your life the way you want!

Intuitive Painting is a fun way to strengthen trust in yourself.

Since 1983, I've been helping women tap into their creativity and gain the confidence to trust their intuition on canvas and in life. 

At age 46, as a mother of six, I found myself single, starting from scratch in a new city with no job, deep in debt and living on a credit card. By following my intuition step by step, I rose out of that situation into the life of freedom I enjoy today.

I KNOW how to help you.

You need someone who is capable of believing in you when you're having a hard time believing in yourself. Someone who not only listens to your words but really hears you, affirms you and deeply understands you.

I've lived the ins and outs of the creative process and am capable of supporting you with your creative goals, whatever they are.

What if you had someone hold your hand through the frustration, judgement and emotions, giving you encouragement and the exact direction needed.

What if someone could help you creatively paint the portrait of your life the way you want.

. . . and what if when you finished, you felt peaceful, content and accomplished with a "Wow! I really did that."

"You will be able to ask your questions and get personal help from me in the comment section of every lesson."

Learn Intuitive Painting at home where you can take it at your own pace.

If you're the kind of person who prefers privacy and a do-it-at-your-own-speed kind of learning, this will fit you to a T. All of the instructions are at your fingertips.

Includes lifetime access.

Watch this video . . .


Intuitive Painting Empowers You to Trust Your Next Step! 

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My Personal Guarantee

I've worked with thousands of people over the past 37 years. I know how to help you tap into your intuition as a painter and in life. If you are open and willing to explore the inner realm and take action in the outer world, you will see big changes in your art and in your life in a very short period of time.

What others are saying . . .


"Painting with Valerieann was a turning point in my life."


"I’ve always had the desire to paint. Picking up the paintbrush for the first time felt scary but I tested Valerieann’s intuitive painting method and a few minutes later I sat the paintbrush down, stood back and was in awe of what I saw on the canvas and how peaceful I felt. I have continued to paint regularly. It’s a magical journey I cherish, a free-fall into more fully trusting myself."


"I now look at the world in a whole new light."


" . . . something shifted in me. I am an empath with typically very little confidence in myself . . . but now I am about to take a huge leap of faith. Thank you!"



“Before I started painting I felt a lot of turbulent emotions and un-centeredness . . . with each brushstroke I felt more confident. I now have a way to express my emotions without having to put words to them.”


"I feel so relaxed, happy and free inside. I laugh more and feel like I am laughing inside!"


"Wow! Powerful! Like nothing I have ever experienced!"


". . . painting helped me explore the true nature of freedom and realize that all things are possible."


". . . painting is moving me in the direction of my intentions and goals!"

Empower Yourself

(and have some creative fun!)

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