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Magical Journey Card Deck

A Playground of Possibilities


Raise your frequency and quicken the manifestation of your dreams! 


. . . like a vision board on hyperspeed.
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55 Painting Cards

The paintings bridge worlds, open doors, inform, guide, inspire, and shed light on your path.

When combined with a word card, concepts emerge that spark greater insights.

When more than one painting card is drawn and word cards are added to each, the sequence can tell a story or suggest a theme.

55 Word Cards

 Words are powerful. Each has an energetic frequency of its own. The word cards may be used alone or in combination with the painting and number cards.  

The painting cards will stimulate your intuitive, sensitive self, and the word cards will speak to your rational, analytic side.

Trust the insights that come to you. Follow the inspiration from your heart.

12 Number Cards

These cards can be used separately or in combination with the painting and word cards.

Use them for their symbolic meaning or as a way to determine the number of painting cards to pull for each frequency vortex. 

There is a color associated with each number card. The guidebook includes suggested meanings for each number and color.

How the card deck helps maintain your frequency and why it's important  

(nuggets for the logical side of your brain.) 

According to Albert Einstein’s equation E=MC², all matter is energy. Everything that appears solid is actually made of swirling molecules temporarily molded into their current patterns, vibrating at the rates of what we see: trees, cars, physical bodies, etc.

Your dreams have a frequency, just like cell phones. If your phone frequency doesn't match the frequency of the cellular network, your phone is useless ... period.

If Your frequency doesn't match the vibration of your dreams, that won't work either.

Cell phones use high frequencies to transfer an unbelievable amount of data with very little effort on your part. You know this, right?!

Creating in the physical world works the same way. The higher your frequency, the easier it is to manifest.

Higher frequencies = less power needed. That means "less physical work on your part."

This card deck helps you raise your vibes to match your dreams so you can get what you want and do what you love with less effort.

  • Nothing is solidANDenergy cannot die, it can only transform. 
  • Therefore, the obstacles to all your desires are really only vibrations—frequencies that can be transformed—not solid brick walls. All perceived limitations are in reality transformable energy.
  • The low energy frequencies of your old life can be transformed into the higher frequencies of your dreams.

It works by learning how to play with frequencies.

And here are a few nuggets to help clarify what that means . . .

Visible and Invisible Frequencies

The visible light spectrum represents the frequencies you are most familiar with (things you can see with your physical eyes). These frequencies are but a speck of what actually exists. Invisible frequencies vibrate inside and all around you.

Powerful manifesting includes engaging with and becoming more aware of the subtle energies constantly at work in your life (the invisible spectrum of light). It's learning to play with the mysterious 90% of the mind that is rarely used by most people. (You want to use all of your mind, right?)

Engaging with this deck is a simple and powerful way to tap into that unused portion of genius. 

Let's Dive Deeper

Emotions Are Vibrations

Just like everything else, your emotions vibrate at different frequencies, as illustrated. For example, gratitude vibrates at a higher frequency than fear.

Your Emotions vs Your Dreams

Life is filled with experiences that cause our emotions to be all over the place every day.

More than likely your vibrational relationship to the frequency of your dreams looks similar to the following illustration.

So what can you do about it?

This is where the cards come in.

You can create powerful vibrations for manifesting your dreams by combining your intentions with the frequencies of the cards . . . sort of like putting ingredients together to make your favorite recipe.

The cards will maintain these unique frequencies while you and your world come into alignment. 

It's like having a friend who always has your back!

  • There is unlimited potential inside you. Play with these cards to align with that creative force.
  • The frequency recipes you create with the card layouts will support your greatness. 
  • Most of all, this deck is designed to help you return home to the you that vibrates at a frequency beyond time and space.

All frequencies exist within the divine aspect of who you truly are—the part that is bigger than all dreams.

The Magical Journey card deck will help you align with the you that is one with Source, the creative force of the universe—LOVE.
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172 Page Guidebook

Full Color book contains complete instructions as well as suggested meanings for each of the painting and number cards. 

There is an Additional Meanings section for each card plus qualities of the number associated with each of the 55 painting cards and 12 number cards.

Instructions for creating high frequency vortexes to amplify your intentions.

Includes Instructions for 5 Card Layouts

  1. Magical Frequency Vortex
  2. Sedona Vortex
  3. Full Power Vortex
  4. Card for the Day
  5. 3 card layout

You are worthy of everything you desire, whether it's physical, financial, emotional or spiritual. You can have abundance in every form and the Magical Journey Cards will support you.  

Get what you want and do what you love with less effort

Begin creating your magical vortexes. 

premium, one-of-a-kind card.

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Anna Frolik

"Loving this magical new card deck by Valerieann Giovanni! I received it in the mail last week and have been enjoying playing with it so much. The Magical Journey cards are without a doubt one of the most unique decks I've ever helped to birth into the world.

A tremendous amount of love and work went into this one—from the moment the first of the 55 paintings came to life to the day the finished card deck finally arrived. And it's so much more than just another oracle deck. I absolutely love the combination of art, words, numerology, and energy medicine channeled in the vortex energy of Sedona."

Live Your Dreams

. . . because you can!


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