New Products Revealed!

New Products Revealed at Convention!

What a fun experience to have so many new products revealed at convention! I enjoyed learning how focused on quality and integrity doTerra remains! Click on the image below to get all the details!

New-Products 2014






Communication with Autonomy

The Freedom to Choose for Yourself

After convention you may have felt excited to build your business and achieve a new rank or share some new products with family and friends. Or perhaps there are somethings you are excited about in other areas of your life. In either case, you have probably had some more conversations lately. And in those conversations you have shared your excitement!

I am wondering about the responses you have received…Have others been open to your sharing? Have they wanted to know more? If you haven’t been received well perhaps you forgot about autonomy.

Autonomy is a basic human need. It is the need to choose for one’s self their dreams, goals and values and the freedom to choose one’s plan for fulfilling one’s dreams, goal and values. Often we forget to give people the freedom to choose, or their autonomy, when we are so excited to share with them. We forget to ask if they want to hear what we are excited about. Here is an example of how to do it:

I just learned some new information about ________ and I thought of you and what you shared with me about that. Would you be interested in hearing about what I’ve learned?

Yes! (continue on)
No. (stop and change the conversation)

I learned _____________. Does that interest you enough to get more information/try a sample?

Yes! (give more information or give a sample)
No. (stop and change the conversation)

Being conscious of the need for autonomy increases your chances of being heard! I invite you to try it in all your conversations and see what happens.

To your success,
Valerieann New

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It’s doTerra Convention Time!

It’s doTerra Convention Time!

From Wednesday September 17th through Saturday September 20th 2014, you have the opportunity to learn about new doTERRA products, new uses for essential oils, and to try each and every essential oil product in the Aspire 2014 showcase!

We look forward to seeing you at convention! If you didn’t get a ticket for this years convention, consider buying a ticket this month for next year’s convention.

Modern Essentials iPhone/iPad App

By Valerieann Giovanni

Do you ever regret that you left your Modern Essentials book at home? Do you wish you always had it available to you? Well…Now you can get the app on your phone!

This handy app runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, or iPad, running IOS version 7 or higher. Using this app will help you discover how aromatherapy can benefit your health and well-being naturally. Use your app anywhere, anytime! It’s great for use at home, on the road, or when meeting with your clients. (Android App Available Also!)

This 1 minute Video shows how it works…

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Your Partners in Problem Solving

Newsletter August 2014

Volume2 Issue 4

Having Trouble with doTERRA’s website?
Have you occasionally or often had trouble interfacing with doTERRA’s website?  Does it not respond to your requests the way it should?  That’s very frustrating!  And you’re not alone.  Here are some recently learned tips from our team:

Tip:  Access the doTERRA website using Chrome or Firefox instead of Explorer.  A doTERRA representative confirmed with us that there have been complaints from people using Explorer to interface with doTERRA’s website.

Tip:  Hit continue ONLY ONCE when completing your shopping online.  Hitting continue more than once may result in a duplicate order being sent out.

I need that essential oil but it STINKS!!!

By Valerieann Giovanni

Have you had this experience…you find out about an essential oil that would help you with a health goal but you think it stinks?
Not everyone has the pleasant experience that the people in this video are having.  The Vanderbilt Hospital’s ER started using diffusers with doTERRA essential oils to reduce the stress and job performance of their staff and it improved the aroma of the whole building which was enjoyed by the staff and the patients. Watch the video here if you haven’t seen it!

Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses doTERRA Essential Oils

But what if you or a customer of yours doesn’t like the scent of an essential oil you need?

Tip:  Put it on the bottom of your feet.  Put your shoes and socks on.  Wash your hands.  Your system will become accustom to the aroma and as your body chemistry shifts and your consciousness opens you will experience the oil differently.

Do you have a tip to share? Please email me or post it on my Facebook page.

To your success,

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