Leonardo da Vinci drew his idea for flying.

Today we can fly!


People are living their dreams with doTERRA.

Do you have your plans drawn up?

Are you flying as high as you want with your doTERRA business?

Are you feeling a little frustrated that you haven’t achieved your goals as fast as you hoped? I believe you “can” fly high with doTERRA!

As a doTERRA leader, I often help people clarify their visions and dreams of the future. Most people paint beautiful portraits of the life they wish to be living; the “perfect” life that financial freedom affords. There’s just one problem: nobody’s perfect and many people are not okay with that. They tend to focus on what isn’t happening the way they planned and get stuck in the rut of disappointment.

So how does an imperfect person who takes imperfect actions achieve their perfect dreams? To answer that question, I am going to reference an unexpected source; the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Surprising right?

The FAA requires all planes to file a flight plan before taking off. That flight plan is mathematically, geographically and navigationally perfect. The FAA also reports that all planes, once they have commenced their journey, are off course from the filed flight plan approximately 90% of the flight time. The FAA further reports that in spite of this seemingly alarming statistic, 99.9% of all flights arrive at their intended destination safely, and within just a few minutes of the estimated flight time.

At first glance there seems to be a problem with the math. How can a plane be off course 90% of the time and still succeed in getting to its intended destination nearly 100% of the time? The answer: Constant Course Correction! Every time the plane gets off course a little, the pilot (or autopilot) makes a course correction back to the planned flight line. This process is repeated hundreds, even thousands of times during the flight. Essentially, the plane corrects itself all the way to its destination, crisscrossing the ideal flight line over and over again. People reach their “destinations” in exactly the same way.

When you determine your dreams or set a goal to achieve something, it essentially becomes your “flight plan” for getting where you want to go. It is important to have it, even though you won’t be able to execute it perfectly. It will help you in making your adjustments, your Constant Course Corrections along the way. Without it, you have nothing to adjust back to.

So, there you have it. You can have a plan, be off course from that plan even 90% of the time and still get to where you intend to go, as long as you are willing to keep adjusting back to the plan every time you recognize that you are off course. You may crisscross your way there, but you will get there. No perfection is required!

My Challenge to You . . .

  1.  Set a goal for your doTERRA business.
  2. Write or draw out a plan for getting there.
  3. Correct your course every time you recognize you are off course and do it again and again until you reach your goal.

I will be a Triple Presidential Diamond some day because I plan to help thousands of people live their dreams. I know I will succeed because I will continue to make course corrections and keep going until I get there. What are your plans in doTERRA?

Read about the other people who are building businesses in doTERRA in the new Leadership Magazine. I am inspired by their stories, what worked, what didn’t. These are the people to pay attention to because they are actively engaged in their businesses and creating success. They have plans. They keep going.

To Living your Dreams,


P.S. My secret ingredient in my oil paintings got exposed in the Leadership Magazine…so now you know.

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doTERRA Leadership Magazine 2013

Listen and Connect

“I absolutely love doTERRA, and I can’t imagine my life without doTERRA and everything it is. The oils have become a part of my life.”

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doTERRA Christmas

Facebook Coloring Page Drawing! 

Color and Win!

Message us images on our Facebook of your coloring pages before Dec. 24th and get 1 entry per page into a drawing for a FREE 15 ml bottle of: Holiday Joy, Peppermint or White Fir!

The 3 winners will be announced Dec. 25th. All pages submitted will be posted on the 25th as well!

Download and Print Your Coloring Pages Here:

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Holiday Joy




White Fur

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